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  • Address: Park Lodge, Ampthill Great Park, Woburn Street, Ampthill, Beds, MK45 2HX

  • Tel: 01525 404355

  • Fax: 01525 406957

  • Website: 

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Your Town Councillors

  • Stephen Addy  
  • John Bingham
  • Jake Bishop
  • Susan Clinch
  • Richard Holden
  • Chris Redding
  • Kieran Richardson
  • Mark Smith (Deputy Mayor)
  • Roy Tebbutt
  • Ian Titman (Mayor)
  • Margaret  Wilson

Councillors Surgery  

Held monthly - 10.00am - 12noon - in the entrance to Waitrose, Bedford Street or on Ampthill Market on Thursday's during the Summer months. Look out for the dates of future surgeries on social media and on posters in the Town Council noticeboards.

Town & Central Bedfordshire Councillors will be available to help you as much as they can with anything that is worrying you or that you would like to bring to the attention of the relevant authority.

  • Central Bedfordshire Councillors: Highways, Education and Social Services matters, Waste, Planning, Leisure, Community Safety, and Environmental Health matters
  • Town Councillor: Allotments, Ampthill Park, Coopers Hill, Kings Arms Path Garden, Charter and Burial Ground matters.

Councillors look forward to meeting as many residents as possible.

Dates of Meetings

All meetings commence at 7.30pm

All meetings are open to the public and press (visit for dates:

  • Full Council
  • Strategy & Policy 
  • Parks & Amenities
  • Planning & Highways
  • Community Engagement
    • Ampthill Town Council Offices


Did you know that anyone can now address the Town Council at the beginning of all council & committee meetings?

You have the opportunity to speak on any subject for a maximum of 3 minutes. If the subject is not on the agenda for that meeting, it cannot for legal reasons be discussed by councillors then, but it can be added to future agenda, so it can be debated fully.

Anyone wishing to address the Council must advise the Town Clerk, before 10.00am on the day of the meeting and confirm the subject on which they wish to speak, so they can be booked in. There are limited spaces available, so if requests to speak are oversubscribed, a booking can be made for a future meeting, if desired. Contact Ampthill Town Council's Clerk, Dawn Sutherns at to book your spot.   

A - Z Directory of Town Council Services

Ampthill Town Council is responsible for the following:

  • Allotments - Everitt's Field (51 Plots) and Grange Farm (29 Plots). Waiting list in operation.
  • Ampthill Town Cemetery - Approximately 2 Acres, off Gas House Lane (Garden of Remembrance, Traditional & Lawn Burials). A full copy of the regulations and fees and charges are available from the Town Council Offices upon request.
  • Ampthill Park - Approximately 160 acres of parkland and woodland, including a Children's Play Area, Toilets, * Tennis Courts, Ampthill Town Cricket Club, Ampthill Town Football Club and Ampthill Angling Club. The Park is cared for by a Senior Park Keeper and three assistants. Charges are made in respect of camping by Cadet Organisations/Youth Clubs/School Parties, Orienteering, Cross Country Events, Caravan Parking by registered organisations, the release of pigeons and use by Circuses. Please contact the Council with your enquiries. Free parking available for users visiting the Park. (* The Tennis Courts are open to all and are free of charge to use but please confine your play to 30mins duration if there are other people who are waiting to play.)
  • Bus Shelters - Bedford Street (2), Dunstable Street (1) and Flitwick Road (1).
  • Car Parks - Town Centre Car Park (Free One & a Half hour parking, with one section allowing three hours free car parking). The Sands Car Park, Woburn Street - free parking (The car park r/o Aragon Housing Assoc., off Chandos Road, is available weekends and bank holidays, courtesy of Aragon Housing Association.)
  • Christmas Lights - The 'Friends of Ampthill's Christmas Lights' help raise money each year to assist with the putting up and taking down of the town's wonderful Christmas lights and they also organise the annual Switch on Event. The Town Council provides the Christmas tree on the Market Square. 
  • Cooper's Hill (aka The Firs) - Approximately 30 acres of lowland heathland of national importance. The site has been designated a site of Special Scientific Interest by English Nature and was declared a Local Nature Reserve in 1980 by Bedfordshire County Council. Cooper's Hill is one of the few remaining examples of the heaths which once stretched across Bedfordshire along the Greensand Ridge. This attractive area, brightly colourful when the heather is in bloom and when the gorse flowers, provides a home for a number of uncommon plants and invertebrates. Owned by Ampthill Town Council the heathland is managed by a group including local volunteers and representatives from Town and Country Councils, Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire Wildlife Trust, Bedfordshire Natural History Society and English Nature. All management requires the approval of the owners and English Nature. In order to protect the site when you visit the reserve keep to the footpaths and discourage other people from doing the things that may cause damage such as dumping litter, riding horses or bikes on the footpaths or being careless with matches. If you would like to help with the voluntary work please contact The Wildlife Trust on 01234 364213.
  • Kings Arms Path Gardens - Gardens located off of Kings Arms Path, which can be accessed from King Arms Path Courtyard, off Church Street. The 'Friends of the Garden' manage this woodland garden of about two acres on behalf of Ampthill Town Council and welcome volunteers to join them. There are regular open days throughout the year and specials openings can be arranged by appointment. Contact: 01525 755648. See the events page for open days.
  • Market (Charter) - Thursday Charter Market, held in the Town Centre Car Park, off Church Street offering a variety of goods and fresh produce.
  • Market Square - (Including maintenance of the Town Pump & the Town Clock)
  • Public Toilets - Town Centre Car Park, off Church Street, Ampthill. Hours of opening 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday and 10.00am to 4.00pm on Sunday.
  • Road Verges - The Council carries out a programme of planting Spring flowering bulbs in grass verges on the 4 main access roads to the town.
  • Street Lighting - The maintenance of Street Lights bearing the initials 'A' or 'BA' are the responsibility of the town council, whereas those bearing the initial 'B' are the responsibility of Bedfordshire County Council. Please report any faults to the relevant authority.
  • Verne Drive - The public open space is the responsibility of the town council.

Generally, if the service you require is not mentioned above then it is probably the responsibility of either Mid Beds District Council or Bedfordshire County Council. However, if in doubt please contact the Town Council in the first instance and we can point you in the right direction.

Telephone 01525 404355 or email

'Around The Pump' Newsletter

'Around the Pump' is the bi-monthly newsletter of Ampthill Town Council, distributed to every household in the town. (Designed by Fidelity Solutions). E-mail articles to

The online version of the newsletter can now be downloaded from the Ampthill Town Council's Website.

Past Mayors of Ampthill

  • 1974 - James R. Nottingham
  • 1975 - Lily M. Grimmer
  • 1976 - Audrey M. Palmer
  • 1977 - Audrey L.R. Cowell
  • 1978 - Peter Cruse
  • 1979 - Frank L. Pinny
  • 1980 - Peter G. Francis
  • 1981 - Roy C. Anderson
  • 1982 - Richard A. Holden
  • 1983 - Gladys M. Wagstaff
  • 1984 - Audrey L.R. Cowell
  • 1985 - Audrey M. Palmer
  • 1986 - F. Bernard Soaper DFC
  • 1987 - Peter G. Francis
  • 1988 - Roy C. Anderson
  • 1989 - F. Bernard Soaper DFC
  • 1990 - Audrey M. Palmer
  • 1991 - D. Phillip Cottier
  • 1992 - Peter A. Eversley
  • 1993 - David N.S. Marsh
  • 1994 - E. John Wilson
  • 1995 - A. Alan Sunman
  • 1996 - Michael J. Wright
  • 1997 - Peter J. Moore
  • 1998 - Pauline M. Mayhead
  • 1999 - Richard A. Holden
  • 2000 - E. John Wilson
  • 2001 - John R. Mayhead
  • 2002 - Roy F. Day
  • 2003 - Richard A. Holden
  • 2004 - Sue L. Whittaker
  • 2005 - Mark A. Smith
  • 2006 - Penny Foster
  • 2007 - Margaret Wright
  • 2008 - Gary Summerfield
  • 2009 - Richard A. Holden
  • 2010 - Margaret E. Wilson
  • 2011 - Sally Bacon
  • 2012 - Roy Tebbutt
  • 2013 - Paul Duckett
  • 2014 - Mike Blair
  • 2015 - Sue Hinkin
  • 2016 - Margaret Wilson
  • 2017 - Simon Peacock
  • 2018 - Stephen Addy