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Local Planning

Central Beds Council Development Control

To View Planning Applications Online - Central Beds Development Control Online

 Contact your Unitary Councillor if you have issues with the above applications:

      Ampthill Town Council Planning Committee

      Planning Meetings are generally held at Ampthill Town Council on a Wednesday at 7.30pm when enough planning applications warrant a meeting. Look out for notices posted in the Town Council notice boards. The Town Council make recommendations to Mid Beds District Council regarding planning applications connected with the town. 

      Where can I learn more about planning issues?

      The Planning Portal - your one-stop-shop for planning and building services online - www.planningportal.gov.uk


      Bedfordshire Homefinder - Choice Based Lettings in Bedfordshire

      Bedfordshire Homefinder is the choice based lettings scheme for Council and Housing Association properties in Bedfordshire. This scheme gives you more choice about where you want to live. Bedfordshire's Local Authorities and two largest Housing Associations (including Aragon Housing Association) have joined in partnership to create Bedfordshire Homefinder, a new way of letting social housing across the County.

      You must be registered on the scheme to participate; contact your local housing office or download an application form if you wish to apply to Bedfordshire Homefinder. Anyone can apply to the scheme provided they are aged 16 years old or more.

      If you are accepted onto the scheme, your level of priority for housing will be assessed and you will be placed in one of four Bands. Your priority will affect your chances of being housed. For more information on how priority is assessed please view the Bedfordshire Homefinder Allocations Policy.

      Website: www.bedfordshirehomefinder.co.uk

      Aragon Housing Asociation (part of the Grand Union Group)


      Aragon Housing Association was formed in 1994, following the transfer of homes from Mid Beds District Council. In November 1999, the association formally changed its name from Mid Beds Housing Association to Aragon Housing Association after a wide consultation with both tenants and staff.

      With 6,500 homes, assets of £170 million and an annual turnover of £21million, Aragon is one of the fastest growing 'not-for-profit' landlords in southern England. It manages over 6,500 homes across Bedfordshire and is now also working in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Luton, Aylesbury and Cambridgeshire. 

      Feoffee Almshouses

      Church Square, Church Street, Ampthill, Beds MK45 2EN

      Ampthill Feoffee Estate Charity - 8 houses. Sizes 1-bed, 2-bed. Opened in 1660. Renovated in 1970. The almshouse charity caters for independent elderly people who have connections in the area.

      Local Estate Agents 

      What does the Ampthill Town plan say about housing & planning issues?

      Housing & the Built Environment

      The Survey revealed that there is a need to develop a housing strategy that reduces harmful impacts on the community. One concern was that "Ampthill might lose its identity as a Georgian market town if development spoilt the virtues of living here."

       Many people also felt that they had no say over what development takes place in the town. Responses to the questionnaire showed that the main type of additional housing required was Starter homes and low-cost homes.


      • Publish a Town Design Statement.
      • Establish a Green Infrastructure Plan for Ampthill and surrounding areas.
      • Develop an affordable housing contingency plan. 


      • Preserve and expand green areas running in a ribbon around Ampthill accessed from all parts of the town along radial footpaths and bridleways.
      • Ampthill maintains its charm and rural surroundings.
      • Increased availability of affordable housing in Ampthill. 


      The town supports the writing of a Town Design Statement for Ampthill.

      • The town supports the preparation of a Green Infrastructure Plan for Ampthill and surrounding areas.
      • The town supports increasing the availability of affordable housing in Ampthill