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  • is a community website with a difference, as it not only provides you with information about our community, but it provides a means of engagement with the 'powers that be' and importantly the tools to empower you as you go about your everyday life. Lofty aims, but this website's new approach provides a fresh perspective on our community

Ampthill Noticeboard

  •  The latest poster for events around the town

Future Events - the Town's Most Comprehensive Calendar of Events

  • Ampthill Festival - Find out what's planned for next year's event and how you can get involved
  • Ampthill Park Proms - Find out what's planned for next year's Proms and how you can get involved
  • AmpRocks - find out about the next year's rock concert in Ampthill Park (in the past few years we've had Pauline Black (of 80's Ska Legends 'The Selecter' & the Lightning Seeds headlining

Informing Ampthill 

Informing you about Ampthill's past and what's happening in the town today

  • About Ampthill - a general overview of Ampthill and details of statistics relating to the town
  • Ampthill History - detail of the historic events that have shaped the town of today
  • Ampthill Timeline - a listing of all the important dates in Ampthill's history
  • A Tour Around the Streets of Ampthill - an opportunity to walk around the streets of the town and learn a little more detail about the town's rich history
  • Ampthill Town Council - details of the Town Councillors, upcoming meetings and the Town Council's responsibilities
  • Local Government - details of Mid Beds District Council, Beds County Council, the emerging Central Beds Unitary Authority and our local MP, Nadine Dorries
  • Council Watch - Find out what your elected officials are doing on your behalf
  • Shops & Businesses - an overview of Ampthill's Shops and Businesses, with details of what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Markets - details of Ampthill's Charter Market (held every Thursday) and Farmers Market (held on the last Saturday of each month except December), along with details of what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Housing & Development - details of social housing, estate agents and planning issues relating to the town, plus what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Education - details of the town's schools, pre-schools and local further education establishments, plus what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Sports - details of the plethora of sports that take place in and around Ampthill, along with what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Voluntary Groups - an A to Z of voluntary groups in the town, together with what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Leisure & Entertainment - details of leisure and entertainment opportunities in Ampthill and the surrounding area, plus what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Music - details of local musicians, bands and music events
  • Young Ampthill - details of activities for young people in the town and in the surrounding area, plus what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Halls & Meeting Rooms - details of venues for your events or meetings, along with what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Tourism - details of what you should visit if you are coming to our historic and beautiful town, together with what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Transport & Parking - details of local bus and train services, plus where you can park in the town. Find out what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Heath & Social Care - details of the town's doctors, dentists, opticians. local hospitals and what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Ampthill & District Good Neighbours - details of the Good Neighbours Scheme for the town and Maulden and Millbrook, that provides help to those in need. In addition find out what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Community Safety - details of Ampthill Beat Manager, Ampthill Community Safety Forum, Licensing issues and what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Environment - details about Ampthill Park and Coopers Hill (The Firs) and what the Town Plan had to say on the subject
  • Churches - details of the many opportunities to worship in Ampthill
  • Food & Drink - come and sample the delights of Ampthill's many public houses and restaurants/coffee shops/take-aways

Engaging Ampthill

Engaging = Involving & Participating

  • Ampthill Councillors Surgery - engage with your Town, District and County Councillors at their bi-monthly Councillors Surgery or by simply contacting them with your issues
  • Ampthill Community Safety Forum - covering Ampthill, Maulden, Clophill and Millbrook. A quarterly meeting where issues relating to community safety (i.e. policing etc) can be raised 
  • Ampthill Social Networking - what better way to engage with your fellow towns folk than by the blogging or twittering, this page lists residents that do just that! 
  • Around Ampthill Forum - details of the town's message board and how you can create your own message board and engage with others
  • Consultations - details of current consultations that effect and relate to Ampthill
  • Issues Further Afield - Developments further afield can have a detrimental affect on our Town, this page attempts to document those potential developments so you are informed and in a position to engage with the issues

Empowering Ampthill

Empowering = to equip &/or supply you with the tools &/or ability to achieve more in life

  • Ampthill Town Plan - details of the town's plan with its associated recommendations that will shape the town's future over the coming years
  • Don't Just Complain..... Campaign! - a guide to how you can put together a successful campaign to influence 'the powers that be'
  • Standing as a Councillor - the prospect of standing as a councillor can seem daunting, however as this page indicates, it need not be! 
  • Volunteering - volunteering for a cause you feel strongly about can be one of the most empowering things you can do in life. Find out how you can locate that perfect volunteering opportunity for you
  • Starting a New Group - collective action can be the best means of meeting a need and this page takes you through the process of setting up a new group
  • Funding Sources - to make any group a success funding can be an issues and this page indicates who you might approach
  • Communicating Your Message - whether you are a group or an individual it is important to know how to get your message across and this page acts as a gateway to that information
  • Pride in Ampthill - do you have pride in our town, then this page provides details how you can get involved in putting the pride back into our town
  • Awards - does someone in our community deserve to be recognised for their community service? If so what awards could they be nominated for?
  • Influencing Planning Issues - find out how you can influence local planning issues relating to Ampthill
  • Tackling Climate Change - find out how you can cut your carbon footprint and make Ampthill a greener place to live
  • Feeling Disadvantaged - Then this page may provide some help! In this time of 'economic downturn' and 'credit crunch' this page aims to signpost you to resources that may help you in these uncertain times

Ampthill TV

  • Ampthill - A Switched On Community - Video of local events recorded by webmaster, Mark Smith, or other local residents

Ampthill Weather

  • Ampthill Weather - brought to you by Ampthill Weather Station

Ampthill Twinning with Nissan Lez Enserune

  • Your help is needed in Twinning with Nissan Lez Enserune

Ampthill Map

  • Find your way around our beautiful town


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