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Community Safety is about delivering local solutions to local problems (such as anti-social behaviour, instances of arson etc) that have been identified by local people


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 Ampthill Fire Station


Ampthill Policing Team

Local Police Contacts

101 Non-Emergency Number

Bedfordshire Police have launched a new number providing people with a new way to get in touch about non-emergency issues. 101 is now the main number to call Bedfordshire Police when it is less urgent than 999

As well as making the police more accessible to communities, it is intended that 101 will reduce the number of inappropriate 999 calls. There will be a single flat charge of 15p per call, regardless of the duration, time of day, mobile or landline.

You should call 101 to report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response. For example:

  • Stolen cars
  • If you suspect drug dealing/taking
  • To give us information about crime in your are
  • To speak to your Local Policing Team

In an emergency, always call 999 when you need an immediate response, For example:

  • Because a crime is in progress
  • Someone suspected of a crime is nearby
  • When there is danger to life
  • When violence is being used or threatened

101 will not:

  • Change the way in which we respond to non emergency calls
  • Connect people to a large national call centre
  • Result in calls receiving a lower priority than if 999 had been called for a non emergency issue

101 should not be used to report:

  • Fly tipping
  • Noise pollution
  • Stray dogs

These should initially be reported to your local council:

  • Central Bedfordshire Council: 0300 300 8000

Ampthill Street Watch 

Have you seen members of our community in Ampthill walking in pairs wearing high visibility jackets sporting both Street Watch and Bedfordshire Police logos?

Street Watch is a voluntary organisation run by the community for the community in partnership with Bedfordshire Police. Street Watch is not:

  • about policing or about replacing police officers.
  • about confrontation or directing others.
  • a vigilante group.  

The scheme is all about local residents helping to build and maintain stronger and safer neighbourhoods by patrolling their own streets increasing a sense of community cohesion within their local area. By doing this, residents can help the police and other partners ensure Central Bedfordshire remains one of the safest areas to live in Bedfordshire. There is already a thriving and well supported scheme run by the local community in Marston Moretaine.

The purpose of Street Watch is to:

  • Prevent crime by improving security, increasing vigilance, creating and maintaining a caring and cohesive community and reducing opportunities for crime by increasing prevention awareness.
  • Assist the police by promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of activity that gives rise to concern.
  • Reduce undue fear of crime by providing accurate information about risks and by promoting a sense of security and community spirit, particularly amongst the more vulnerable members of the community.  

Street Watch started in East Hampshire three years ago and is now running in more areas of the county, an area of Surrey, and Central Bedfordshire supported by their respective police force. It is expanding nationally. In Hampshire for example, members of all age groups include teachers, builders, nurses, musicians, financial workers, and local Councillors. Street Watch is the only regulated scheme in the UK that involves members of the whole community patrolling their own streets. Members of the community adopt a new working partnership with police in patrolling their own communities.

If you wish to find further information about Street Watch and its history, please visit the website at or contact the Ampthill Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01234 842618 or 01234 842627 or at especially if you would like to become involved.

If you would like to join us you will be asked to commit 2 hours of your time each month; timings of your choosing. It is a great way to make new friends, really get to know your community and exercise with a purpose.

Bedfordshire Police Text Messaging Service

Bedfordshire Police have launched a new text messgaing service for non-emergencies. Now anyone is able to contact the police by texting 07786 200011 to send a message direct into the force's call handling centre.

Text messages should contain an address or location details, plus nearby landmarks or shops and as much information about events or an enquiry as possible. These are sent via your regular mobile service provider into the call centre. A response will be sent to confirm receipt and, where necessary, further information may be requested.

CCTV in Ampthill

CCTV in Ampthill went live in early October 2008. There were orginally a total of 5 cameras covering major areas of the town. However after a review the only camera that remains live is the one in Ampthill Park.

If an incident occurs in the aforementioned area make a note of the time and report this to the police, as chances are it will have been caught by the camera and could assist the police greatly in their enquiries. Additionally, if an incident is occuring ensure that you report it immediately as cameras can be trained on the incident by operators.

Ampthill Community Safety Group 


Aim - to promote community safety within Ampthill in order to improve the quality of life for residents.


  • Devise and develop initiatives working in partnership with local authorities, agencies, and organisations.
  • Set appropriate priorities and targets.
  • Pursue funding schemes in order to finance projects.
  • Provide feedback to Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedfordshire Police.
  • Act as a consultative body for Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedfordshire Police.
  • Recommend priorities for the Ampthill Safer Neighbourhood Team.

The group meets every six weeks on a Tuesday at 7pm (finishing at 8.30) in the Waitrose meeting room. There are currently nine volunteers in the group. To learn more contact John Plummer at

Visit: The Community Safety Forum/Group Page

Safer Homes Campaign

The 'Safer Homes' Campaign aims to ensure the number of break-ins in Bedfordshire continues to fall. To ensure this is the case ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where are the keys to my vehicle left when I'm at home, are they on display or near a letterbox?
  • Have I checked all the doors and windows are secure before I go to bed? (Another member of the family may have left one open without your knowledge)
  • Did I lock that UPVC front/back door of mine? (Did you know that if you do not double lock your UPVC door then the burglar can pop it open, then close it upon leaving and you would hardly tell that you had been visited).
  • (As you get out of bed in the night ask yourself) Who is outside at this time of night/morning? Is there anybody acting suspiciously around my house or car or my neighbours property?

If you see anything you think is suspicious then call the Police on 01234 841212 and if you believe that someone is trying to break into a property or vehicle then call 999.

You may be asked the following questions to assist the police, namely:

  • The Location of the Offence
  • Description and Number of Offenders
  • Have the Offenders got a vehicle with them? If so can what is the make, the colour and can you see the index number of the vehicle? This can assist the police should the offenders leave the scene before they arrive).
  • You may be asked to stay on the phone to continue giving the information room details of what you are witnessing the offenders doing and to update the police should they move to another location or leave the scene.

If you want advice about home security then you should contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01234 842627.

Avoiding Distraction Burglaries and Rogue Traders

Incidents of distraction burglary or rogue trading crimes are rare, but when they happen it can be deeply shocking, especially when they occur at your doorstep.

Bogus callers are conmen (or women) who tell a variety of stories to get into your home and steal from you. They may pretend to be from the council, gas, water or electricity companies or even from the police to make you believe they have a good reason to enter your home. This crime is called distraction burglary.

Rogue Traders pretend to be tradesmen or salesmen offering good at bargain prices. Their aim is to pressurise you into paying them for work that either doesn't need doing at all or could be done for considerably less money by a reputable company.

Rogue traders and bogus callers sometimes work alone, sometimes in pairs and they can be men, women or sometimes children. A common factor is that both rogue traders and bogus callers prey on vulnerable older or disabled people.

Help reduce distraction burglary: Remember the following routine:

  • Home or Away - keep all doors LOCKED.
  • STOP - Is anyone expected? Is the backdoor locked (if I'm going to answer the front door)?
  • CHAIN - Put chain on before answering the door
  • CHECK - Ask for callers I.D. Check it by phone.

If in doubt call the Police. Telephone 999. 

Please contact your local Crime Prevention Officer for the area in which you live. For guidance and advice call 01234 841212 or email Telephone Consumer Direct for more help and advice on dealing with rogue traders on 08454 04 05 06.

'No Cold Calling' Zone

Have you experienced cold calling recently? Read on to find out how to report it and help prevent it happening again.

Ampthill is a 'No Cold Calling' Town and Bedfordshire has a Rapid Response Team in place to deal with incidents of this type. This initiative is publicised in the town with No Cold Calling Zone (NCCZ) signage affixed to lampposts. These signs give you the NCCZ Hotline number which is 08454 04 05 06. Each household in the area will also have received booklets and stickers with information connected to the No Cold Calling Scheme.

You are asked to contact the Hotline immediately if they experience cold calling in their area. The dedicated Hotline number is manned from 08.00am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturday.  Bedfordshire Trading Standards have direct access to the Bedfordshire Police control room to request police support in appropriate circumstances.

Residents are advised to dial 999 if they require urgent assistance outside of normal office hours, or if at any time they feel afraid, harassed, threatened or intimidated.

Residents are also asked to call the Hotline if someone calls without an appointment and wants to gain entry to their home, offers to carry out work to their home, or tries to sell them goods at the door.

Neighbourhood Watch

Ampthill Neighbourhood Watch - The Neighbourhood Watch in Ampthill is going from strength to strength. For instance a new group has just started Ampthill Heights.

There are 25 Watch schemes within Ampthill, but we need more to keep Ampthill the happy and neighbourly place that it has always been.

The idea of neighbourhood Watch basically revolves around a group of people getting together with the aim of protecting themselves and their property from criminal activity, thus reducing the fear of crime and improving the local environment.

By working together, looking out for one another, using effective crime prevention methods and reporting crime or suspicious activity to the polices, we can ensure we continue to live in safe community.

If you require information about setting up a scheme please email Roger Wheeler at or ring 630471

Ampthill Neighbourhood Watch Successes, include:
  • With the help of Trading Standards we have limited cold caller activities.
  • Since introducing Neighbourhood Watch in areas of the town, people feel safer, particularly the old and vulnerable.
  • With the help of the local police team we have stopped fence damage and other abusive behavior happening in a local alley.
  • Numerous activities have been carried out to make things safer for residents i.e. spreading salt on paths during the heavy snow and ice periods, reporting faulty street lamps, and litter etc.
Why not contact Roger to find if there is a Neighbourhood Watch scheme you can join near you or if you want to set up a Neighbourhood Watch in your street!

Ringmaster - Community Messaging Service

Ringmaster is a computerised crime messaging system run by Bedfordshire Police, which offers local residents, Neighbourhood Watch members, businesses, farms, and Bedfordshire Police's partners, throughout Bedfordshire, details about crime and events in their local area.

  • The service is free to everyone.
  • You don't need to be involved in Neighbourhood Watch to join Ringmaster.
  • You can receive information via email direct to your computer, view your messages online, or receive messages via phone at a time to suit you.
  • Receive crime reduction advice and help tackle crime in your local area
    Currently we have 8,000 members of the public and other partner agencies registered on the system.

You can join Ringmaster by applying online at or alternatively you can phone 01234 275288 and an application form can be sent through the post.


Create a FREE private and secure portfolio of all your personal property. If it is then lost or stolen, use immobilise to tell law enforcement, your insurer and the second-hand trade to assist in recovering your property and catch the thief. Website:


If you have any information about crime in your area please call Crimestoppers on:

0800 555 111


You do not have to give your name and you may be eligible for a reward

Domestic Abuse

Are you or someone you know experiencing domestic abuse but don't know where to go?

Domestic Abuse is often thought of as physical violence only, but the reality is that domestic abuse has a larger impact than this and can include:

  • Emotional Abuse - for example constantly putting you down or isolation from family and friends
  • Financial Abuse - for example not allowed access to your own money
  • Psychological Abuse - for example playing 'mind games'
  • Sexual Abuse

I in 4 Women & 1 in 6 Men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.

The Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Information Line can help. Trained staff are on hand to access a whole range of specialist local services:

Did you know that it is an offence to Consume alcohol in Public in Ampthill?

This new 'Alcohol Consumption in Designated Places Order' came into force on 1st September 2005 and now makes it an offence to consume alcohol in certain designated places in Ampthill. This will provide  Police Officers with the power to require people to stop drinking and surrender alcohol. It will be an offence to fail to comply with that request.


Adams Close

Cooper Hill Nature Reserve and all areas within the boundaries of Wobum Street, The Alameda. Sweet Briar Path, Station Road and the A507 bypass incorporating the named boundary roads Bedford Street to the junction of Claridges Lane

Park Hill

Alameda Walk

Crayton Road

Park Street

Alameda Middle School Playing Field

Dunstable Street from the junction of Woburn Street to the junction of The Avenue

Preston Close including Honour Court

Ampthill Park

Elms Close

Queens Road

Aragon Road


Rose Walk and Car Park

Arthur Street to the junction of Kings Arm Path Area known as the 'Zig Zags'

Hazelwood Lane

Russell Drive

Baker Street

Houghton Close

Saunders Piece from the junction with Arthur Street 10 the junction of Kings Arm Path

Bedford Street

Katherine's Gardens

Swaffield Close

Briar Close

Kings Arm Path

The Alameda

Brewery Lane

Kings Arm Yard

The Cedars

Budgens Car Park

Lammas Way

The Maltings

Cedar Close

Lavender Court

The Oxlet

Chapel Lane

Lime Road

The Pines

Chandos Road

Oliver Street from the junction of Dunstable Street to the junction of Russell Drive

The Poplars

Chiltern Close

Ossory Place

The War Memorial and surrounding grounds off of Church Street

Church Street from the junction of Bedford Street to the junction of Ailesbury Road

Oxlet Car Park

Woburn Street

Licensing Issues

Licensing Manager
Central Beds Council
Priory House
Monks Walk
Beds  SG17 5TQ


Licensing Officer      
Ampthill Police Station   
Woburn Street
Beds  MK45 2HX   
Tel: 01234 841212




  • Ampthill Fire Station, Oliver Street, Ampthill

Services of Bedfordshire and Luton Fire and Rescue:

  • Save & Protect Life, Property & the Environment by dealing with emergencies, fires and other incidents
  • Arson Letter box fits
  • Arson reduction initiatives
  • Home fire safety checks
  • Smoke detector fits
  • Fire Awareness Child Education (FACE)
  • Open Days
  • School Visits
  • Kitchen fire demonstrations
  • After the incident response
  • Road traffic collision reduction initiatives
  • Driver awareness campaigns
  • Leaflets, newsletters and posters for local communities and organisations
  • Attending fetes, galas, carnivals and charity events
  • Providing business fire safety advice
  • Providing advice on request
  • Community fire safety presentations

Fire Contacts:

  • Community Safety Team - 01234 355550
  • Free Home Fire Safety Check - 0800 0435042

Do you want to get involved in tackling Community Safety Issues?

Do you want further information?


What does the Ampthill Town plan say about Community Safety issues? 

Ampthill is the only town in the area without a forum dedicated to the types of community safety issues, which could be managed at a local level by businesses and residents. The remit should cover all community safety matters and include support to the implementation of the Community Fire Safety Policy.The residents of Ampthill sought more visible policing and efforts are being made to use the mobile police station more effectively. This also offers the potential to become a multi-agency facility.


  • Establish a Community Safety Group.
  • Establish HOMEWATCH Schemes across the town.
  • Support the police in use of the mobile police station.
  • Educate residents and businesses on considerate parking and address the strategy for tackling illegal parking.
  • Road Safety - improve access for emergency services' vehicles.


  • A forum to manage community safety issues locally.
  • Active HOMEWATCH schemes across the town.
  • An identifiable and easily contactable Police presence, engaging with and offering reassurance to the community.
  • A safe environment in which the Emergency Services can respond quickly and efficiently to community needs.


  • The town supports the establishment of a Community Safety Group.
  • The town supports the established HOMEWATCH Schemes and seeks to prove wider coverage.
  • The town supports the work of the Police on COCOON WATCH.