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Residents in Ampthill are no different from their counterparts in other communities worldwide in posting details of their lives in their personal blogs or increasing via such online social networks as Twitter and Facebook.



Let's Talk Central

    Let's Talk Central (from Central Bedfordshire Council) - we really want to hear from the people of Central Bedfordshire! You can find out more about this at our website

    The website asks the following questions:

    • What's the best thing about where you live?
    • What do you think is special about Central Bedfordshire?
    • What challenges do you think Central Bedfordshire will face in the future?
    • What are your hopes for Central Bedfordshire in the future?

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    We really want to be able to tap into existing groups of local residents to ensure we have a representative mix of views being added to Let's Talk Central, so it would be great if you could get involved. We don't want this to be a traditional Council consultation exercise and really hope that the local community comes to see Let's Talk Central as a place where they can have respectful but candid conversations about the place where they live

    Learn more about the thinking behind Let's Talk Central at

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