Empowering Ampthill

 Empowering Ampthill


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Empowering = To equip &/or supply you with the tools &/or ability to achieve more in life

The main principles of empowerment are to actively: 

  • Promote individual empowerment
  • Promote collective empowerment 

The idea of empowerment is that those who have little or no influence, such as excluded people, are able to acquire the capacity to have informed opinions, to take initiatives, make independent choices and influence change. It also means that those with influence actively change their attitudes and rules and change the way decisions are made through engaging with excluded people.

Community empowerment is the giving of confidence, skills and power to enable communities to shape and influence their own development. The following pages form this sub-section of the Ampthill.Info website aim to provide you with the tools to feel more empowered and less disenfranchised with life in Ampthill: 

  • Ampthill Town Plan - details of the town's plan with its associated recommendations that will shape the town's future over the coming years
  • Don't Just Complain..... Campaign! - a guide to how you can put together a successful campaign to influence 'the powers that be'
  • Standing as a Councillor - the prospect of standing as a councillor can seem daunting, however as this page indicates, it need not be! 
  • Volunteering - volunteering for a cause you feel strongly about can be one of the most empowering things you can do in life. Find out how you can locate that perfect volunteering opportunity for you
  • Starting a New Group - collective action can be the best means of meeting a need and this page takes you through the process of setting up a new group
  • Funding Sources - to make any group a success funding can be an issues and this page indicates who you might approach
  • Communicating Your Message - whether you are a group or an individual it is important to know how to get your message across and this page acts as a gateway to that information
  • Pride in Ampthill - do you have pride in our town, then this page provides details how you can get involved in putting the pride back into our town
  • Awards - does someone in our community deserve to be recognised for their community service? If so what awards could they be nominated for?
  • Influencing Planning Issues - find out how you can influence local planning issues relating to Ampthill
  • Tackling Climate Change - find out how you can cut your carbon footprint and make Ampthill a greener place to live