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There are plenty of voluntary and community groups crying out for volunteers in the town and in Mid Bedfordshire. To find out more visit:

Volunteer Centre Bedford

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Community Voluntary Service Volunteering

There are many reasons to volunteer. Here are just a few:  

  • Volunteering is very rewarding for those who have found the right opportunities. You will have the satisfaction of being part of a group working together to achieve goals in supporting the community.
  • Volunteering helps to prepare for paid employment. It builds confidence, you will meet new people, learn new skills, get a reference and have experience to add to your CV.
  • Volunteering is an excellent way to support the causes that matter to you. 

Community Voluntary Service Volunteering are here to help:


The Volunteer Centre Bedford covers both Mid & North Bedfordshire and can assist you if you are looking to volunteer or if your organisation requires volunteers, in the following ways:

  • Volunteering Opportunities: by signposting you to Volunteering Opportunities with volunteer-involving organisations throughout the area.
  • Volunteers Required by Your Organisation: if your organisation requires volunteers we can publicise your needs via websites, newsletters, posters & regular mailings

Volunteering Opportunities in Ampthill

You can visit this site's Voluntary Groups page and see if they require your services in a voluntary capacity. Detailed below are just a few of the many opportunities in the town:

Ampthill Festival Gala Day

Volunteers Needed - Ampthill Festival takes place on the first weekend in July each year. Have you got some time available to join our planning committee or a few hours to spare on Gala Day, Ampthill Park Proms night or AmpRocks night as we would be keen to hear from you as we a looking for volunteers to assist us with the event? You could be a Committee Member, a Steward, a helper in setting up or taking down the festival, a helper with litter picking, collecting donations, distributing programmes, or marshalling the parade etc. We would love to hear from you! Website: www.ampthillFestival.co.uk

Ampthill & District Good Neighbours  

Are you interested in becoming a Volunteer for Ampthill & District Good Neighbours?

Volunteering for the scheme could not be easier, as Ampthill Good Neighbours are interested in utilising your skills and experience to help those residents needing help. Ampthill Good Neighbours are keen to use whatever skills you can bring to the scheme to benefit the residents of the town, so don't be shy in coming forward!

It is important to emphasise that as a volunteer you can do as little or as much as you want.

The main thing is that you will gain satisfaction and fulfilment in knowing that you are helping your 'neighbours'.

Please be aware that as the scheme will be dealing with younger, older people and other vulnerable adults, you will be Criminal Records Board checked (at no expense to yourself). In addition you will never be out of pocket as out of pocket expenses are paid. 

We are currently looking for the following volunteers to assist our vital community scheme:

  • Drivers - who are able to provide lifts to and from local hospitals, doctor's surgeries, opticians, dentists and shops. (Your Mileage is repaid at 40p per mile).
  • Mobile Phone Holders - who are able to be part of a rota of volunteers who hold the schemes mobile phone (for a week at a time) and accept phone calls from residents in need and then arrange for a scheme volunteer to meet that need.
  • Steering Committee Members - we are looking for volunteers to join our steering committee and oversee and provide future direction for our vital service for our community.
  • Other Opportunities - in addition we are also looking volunteers that are able to collect prescriptions, undertake small household jobs (such as changing light bulbs, moving furniture, carrying out emergency minor repairs or doing occasional light housework), dog walking or other pet care (for example during holidays/illness), preparing emergency meals and snacks, befriending or gardening.

Don't be put off if you are working full-time or have a limited number of hours available. We would love to find hear from you whatever the amount of time you can give to the scheme. The reward is in the knowledge that you're helping your 'neighbours' in the community!

For more details on becoming a volunteer contact Mark Smith (Chairman of Ampthill & District Good Neighbours) for more details on 402560 (home) or 01234 354366 (work). Website: www.ampthillgoodneighbours.info   

Leonard Cheshire Disability

Leonard Cheshire Disability, Agate House is looking for volunteers to join our team.

We are home to 28 physically disabled people and are offering rewarding volunteering opportunities to support our work with our residents.  Whatever your background we can put your skills to good use and we do our best to match your skills, interest and availability to a volunteer role.  We offer all volunteers induction and training, continued support and reimbursement of expenses.  Opportunities available include, escorting disabled people to local activities and facilities, supporting disabled people to take part in leisure interests and hobbies, befriending disabled people and fundraising.  If you have a skill to share or just a little free time to offer, join us, and make someone smile. 

For further information please contact the Volunteer Coordinator on 403247

Friends of Ampthill Great Park

If you have an interest in the park and would like to be more actively involved you can join the Friends of Ampthill Great Park. Friends can support the park in many ways including

  • Carrying out voluntary work
  • Taking part in events
  • Raising the profile of the park
  • Leading walks and talks
  • Assisting with the production of leaflets and other educational material
  • Seeking external funding for park improvements
  • Providing specialist expertise for projects

For more information contact Ampthill Town Council on 404355