Pride in Ampthill


Take Pride in Ampthill

 Pride in Ampthill

Taking pride in our town

On Saturday 3rd January 2009 you may have witnessed Town Councillors hard at work clearing up The Oxlip, this marked the launch of Ampthill Town Council's new initiative that hopes to instil pride in our community.

For a number of years, Bedford has operated their 'Pride in Bedford' scheme, that has involved residents volunteering to undertake specific tasks such as area clean ups, hence your Councillors clear up of The Oxlip. In addition under the banner of 'Pride in Bedford' awards have been made to recognise community endeavour by individuals. Your help is needed in:

  • Identifying areas in the town that could do with a cleanup?
  • Building up a bank of volunteers that would be interested in volunteering for the scheme? You could register your interest now?
  • Coming up with ideas for other things that could be encompassed under the scheme?

Please contact either Cllr Mark Smith on 402560 or at to find out more and to register your views and interest.

Do you love Ampthill?

Would you like to get involved in:

  • Annual Community Clean Ups
  • Community Champions - champions for their street or areas of the town
  • Community Planting Projects
  • Ampthill in Bloom - an annual open day & competition to find the best garden in Ampthill
  • Volunteer Taskforces
  • Promoting Community Involvement
  • Creating better links with the community, business and local self-help groups in co-ordinating action

To Take Pride in Ampthill and to show we Love Ampthill we need to work together to improve the area, protect the environment and care for the streets.

If you would like to get involved in the future email:

If you are a Facebook member why not visit the Pride in Ampthill Group page at:

Ampthill Open Gardens

Ampthill Open Gardens Day takes place each year during June - Do you take a pride in your garden? Do you have a passion for plants? Do you have a desire to show off your garden to the public? Well if so, why not take the opportunity to participate in Ampthill's OPEN GARDENS DAY as part of the Ampthill Festival.

Your garden doesn't have to be big, beautiful or immaculate, just interesting!   The odd weed gives character, after all! It can be any shape or size with any style of planting.

If you are interested and would like more details, please contact Angie Murdoch on 01525 403076 (mobile 07736 452131) or email to

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